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We would like to recommend Audrey Lynn as an outstanding pet sitter. Audrey sat for our two completely spoiled cats for a week, and we couldn’t have been happier with her services. After interviewing three other pet sitters, we were confident that Audrey would be responsible, respectful, and considerate of both our pets and our home. Audrey’s gentle personality put us at ease, and we couldn’t have asked for more from a pet sitter. And neither could our cats, apparently. We were impressed by how little our kitties seemed to miss us. Instead of the usual two-day “cooling off period” they usually require when we return, they appeared to not have noticed that we were gone.Audrey clearly knows and understands animals. In her initial get-to-know-you meeting with our pets she took time to establish a rapport with them, and listened attentively and with great understanding to our long list of their personal preferences and habits. In addition to taking great care of our pets (including feeding, cleaning their litter, and playing with them daily, she also took care of our home. Audrey offered to take in the mail, water the plants, and turn lights on and off as needed. We found that her attention these little details made our trip even better, and our lives during an otherwise crazy week much more hassle-free.It should go without saying that we will invite her to sit again the next time we go out of town, and we confidently recommend her services to anyone who cares about their pets.
The Lesnicks

Dear Audrey,
Thank you for my fun holiday presents. I enjoyed playing with the ball and chasing it all over the house. I’m still enjoying the doggie treats!
Love, “Ari”

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our meows and for all of the gifts!! Everyone loves the treats and I especially liked the sweet jewelry box that you found!
Love, Sharon

Dear Audrey,
Thanks for all of your help throughout the year. It always feels good going away knowing that my cats are in such caring hands. Thanks so much!
Liz and Doug

Dear Audrey,
I am so pleased with how well you took care of Nora and Toast over the past 3 weeks. Thank you for visiting them that extra day too! I will definitely recommend you to my friends with pets and continue to call upon you when I leave town. Thank you!
Katheryn, Bryant, Nora and Toast

Thanks so much for taking extra time with Shug! We reall appreciate your being there for her while we were away.
Chris and Nickie

Just wanted to thank you again for the superior care you gave my two kittens Spike and Elsa. I will use your services again and refer you to anyone within your service territory. I felt at ease and relaxed my whole trip and I didn’t worry about my furry babies. Thanks again!

Thank you for caring for Jake the cat while I was away. I especially liked that I could email you. He was quite vocal when I returned home but you could tell that he was not lonely. Throwing up only once is good for Jake, since he usually vomits when he is upset.Thanks again.I have the month of July off each year, so I will be going to Indiana again (pre-reservations).

Thanks again for caring for Chloe and Napoleon while we were in Denver and I did not worry at all.They were very excited to see us when we returned and we missed them very much. They both seemed very happy when we arrived home.We will be sure to use your services again in the near future.
Dianna and Tom

Dear Audrey,
Thank you for taking such good care of the pets! Kelly thanks you for the treats too! She is enjoying them. Everybody was happy when we got home and it is nice to know they were well cared for.

Thank you for taking such great care of Nic and Casey. They were well taken care of and were happy when we returned from our trip. We so much appreciate your services.
Thanks again,
Gretchen & Eric

Dear Audrey,
A quick thank-you from “Pepper” and myself for the wonderful holiday gifts. Pepper is having a great time with the raccoon tail on a string and the felt mouse!

Thank you so much for caring for Barney and for giving him the adorable santa and biscuits.
Squillaro family

Dearest Audrey,
Thanks so much for your help throughout the year. We especially appreciate the nail clipping you give the cats!

Dear Audrey,
Thank you so much for taking care of the cats and especially for your kind gift.

“All of the animals except Man know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it.”

– Samuel Butler (1835-1902)